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Twenty Cartoons that Explain the World Better than Any Book

08 May 2014

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Iñaki Berazaluce

alberto-montt Those of us who have no other communication tool than writing try – most of the time, in vain – to explain the world with a flood of words; words that flow into the Internet Ocean where billions of words already cohabit. Cartoon virtuosos, however, are capable of conveying an idea through drawing and without words, or with just a few.

This is a tribute from our admiration and envy to our fellow cartoonists, the maestros of synthesis, in the transmission of their ideas to the “infinity and beyond” of language. siscu Football, Siscu Soro. sin palabras quino This is no serious monastery, Quino. el roto Until Death Do Us Part, El Roto. montt dios Creation, Alberto Montt. gia Ouch!, Gila. 300414-macroeconomia jr mora Macroeconomics, JR Mora. forges Ideological Greeting through Time Democracy, Forges. eneko-norte-sur North and South, Eneko. rodera “Cheer up, man. This is a party.” Spain’s “National Party”, Rodera. chumy rey “I owe everything to my people.” “Well, return it then!” His Majesty, Chumy Chúmez. ajedrez Chess, Ralph Sattic. Protegemos lo nuestro (Miguel Brieva) “We are happy because we protect what is ours…” Ours, Miguel Brieva. oreu “Take Bread!” Oreu. N.of Translator: “Pan” means “bread” in Spanish, but it is also onomatopoeia for a blow. malagon April 23rd, Book Day. “Congratulations!” Book Day, Malagón. 131023_manel_fontdevila “Go on, go on… Any further requests?”. Docile, gullible, manipulable poor, simple, fearful Tabula rasa, Manuel Fontdevila. N.of the translator: Up the ladder, caricature of Spanish Minister of Culture, Jose Ignacio Wert. united for evolution Redistribution, United for Revolution. mierdes Sinister Matador Contortionist bullfighter carries himself shoulder-high Sinister Matador, Mierdecitas. mingote vote a gundisalvo “Vote Gundisalvo. At the end of the day, what do you care?” Democracy, Mingote. mark lynch

Football, Mark Lynch.

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